Available in different colors, our DÉCOR objects strike the perfect balance between refined natural beauty and modern elegance. Our design objects are an evolving collection of plates, boxes, bowls, trays, cups, coasters, planters and other items that exude natural beauty. All our products are made from locally-sourced leftovers and crafted in our own factory in Thailand.


Due to the nature of our upcycled materials, each product is unique in its own way displaying small differences in shade, tone, color and texture.

Care and Use


– Hand washing is recommended.
– Wash with a sponge, use warm soapy water and allow to dry completely before storing.
– Can be used in the dishwasher at temperatures below 65 degrees Celsius.
– Do not use a wire brush to clean, and avoid soaking in water.
– Do not use strong acidic or alkaline cleaners.


Sonite products are designed exclusively for serving purposes.
Our materials are not suitable for any type of heat source. Do not put in the oven or microwave and avoid stove tops or grills.
– Do not put in the oven or microwave.
– Maximum heat resistance at 65 degrees Celsius.
– Keep away from flames.
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