Our collection is crafted from innovative eco-friendly materials that allow us to create beautiful objects, reducing waste in the process by transforming left overs into marketable products.


Husk™ is made of rice husks discarded as part of the milling process in agriculture. It is a highly stable material with exceptional longevity and durability. The bio-composite Husk™ allows us to create objects that are both appealing and environmentally friendly while reducing waste from rice agriculture.


Cocco™ is made from coconut fibers. The original strands of the shell give the material an organic feel and strength. With a production of over one million tonnes annually, a large amount of coconut waste is produced in Thailand. By upcycling it, we contribute to a better environment.


Naturla™ is an elegant material made of natural stone. By peeling a thin layer from a block, we can produce beautiful stone elements of very low weight, and reduce their carbon footprint.


Scapa™ is an innovative material that resembles reconstituted stone made from used thermoset plastic. As the raw material is highly resistant to heat, it cannot be melted and recycled.
By crushing and mixing it with our high grade polymers, we create an innovative material with all the lower-carbon footprint properties associated with our signature lightweight composites.


Talay™ is a highly resistant material made from ocean-bound plastic waste. Its beauty resides in the very dramatic effect that results from the random solidification of the original plastic pieces. Ocean-bound PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic waste is a public health hazard. By upcycling it, we are reducing potential ocean pollution.

Our innovative materials deliver textures and colors related to the nature of their source. Husk, Cocco and Naturla follow their bio-composite origin and organic essence. Kasse is the result of upcycling used Thai baht banknotes. Scapa and Talay take their color, texture and transparency from their original plastic components. The result is a creative palette of eco-luxury colors and textures.

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