The determination to get closer to nature was the impetus behind our development of a series of items entailing upcycling of waste materials that were creating problems for our community.
The nature of, and in, our products allows us to reach far beyond what we thought possible.


Our passion is innovation, but we don’t want to pay any price for it. Instead, we want to leave a good mark in the society we live in by turning waste challenges into high-value upcycled accessories.
As industrialists, we provide quality, efficiency and solidity but are mindful of a contract with nature. Therefore, our technology is applied in a hand-crafted manner, allowing every single piece of our designs to be unique in its own way.
This is what we see as the future of design.


Sonite’s DÉCOR is the result of our concern for the environment combined with our passion for innovation and design. Our products are crafted from innovative materials with all the lower-carbon footprint properties associated with our signature lightweight composites.
Rice husks, old banknotes, coconut fibers, thermoset plastics and ocean bound plastics are elements we upcycle into objects that enhance the look and feel of the original discarded products.
We collect these raw materials from our neighboring communities, reducing pollution resulting from waste burning and dumping in landfills, fields and oceans.
We do not do single-use products.

Since the total production process is made in house, OEM and custom design inquiries are possible. We are able to create new shapes and colors, apply company logos and slogans and, in some cases, create new materials using your waste as raw material. Please contact us for further details.

Certifications and Recognitions

Sonite’s designs and creations have been well-received by industry experts and entities in Thailand and the world. Notable recognitions and awards include Japan’s famed “Good Design Award”; Thailand Green Design Awards (TGDA) for Green Innovation; the “PM’s Creative Award” – Design Excellence Mark; DFA Design for Asia Awards from The Hong Kong Design Centre for our Husk Collection. Sonite also has been accepted by Material ConneXion, the world’s leading global materials library, which holds many of our revolutionary materials in its permanent collection.
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